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Aries : forecast 2020 March 21-April 19

Your moving up the latter only It doesn’t feel like it but pleasant surprises do happen so prepare for a raise, promotion and more Recognition coming your way.
your mind may be on romance. If you’re married, you’ll grow closer to your partner. If you’re single but involved, the relationship could move to the next level of commitment. If you aren’t involved, expect to meet someone new and exciting. Warm feelings of unity and intimacy could fill your heart. See and accept your partner as he or she is.
It’s not really a good time for you to be socializing right now this year is about setting yourself up for your future time to focus on yourself and your goals of course you can socialize a little but don’t make it a big part of your life in the first six months of the new year you cannot afford to be distracted lots of opportunities are coming your way the people that are close to you keep them that way the people that you have felt skeptical or Leary of cut them out of your life