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Hi Everyone, I’m so excited to announce I’ve just uploaded my first patreon episode and this is a little bit different than my first baby you’ve been listening to here. On patreon I will be providing specific instructions for all of my listeners to follow and letting you know the materials you will need to start doing your own bad energy cleansing for yourselves so you’ll be able to not only rid yourselves of this heavy energy but I also want you to maintain the good fortune you seek and deserve . Coming soon I will be doing livestream Q&A on patreon as well where you will have the opportunity to ask me any questions you have about love and your relationships, I’m looking forward to giving you the best advice and guidance in your current relationship Thank you all so much I’d like my listeners to think of me as the psychic that goes the extra mile . I’m always looking for the best ways to serve all of you. send you much love and light