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Cancer forecast 2020 June 21-July 23′

Emotional and loving intuitive and imaginative shrewd and cautious protective and sympathetic. Business

It’s not all about money and business for you what you seek is comfort and security and maintaining what you save and every now and then you do like to splurge with your money and reward yourself. You are creative and it’s best for you to get into creative work like a designer or anything in the arts🎭
❤️ you are loyal and dedicated to the one you love 💕 you enjoy lots of attention and reassurance because you can be sensitive and emotional. A romantic partner could become overwhelmed and feel pressured and the relationship could end for this reason but once you fall in love your all in and a break up can be very challenging to handle because you struggle with letting go. You like stability and predictability in your love life and love is a wild ride and can be very draining for your sensitive heart❤
You enjoy parties and socializing and engaging with people and you like to be the life of the party. Friendship comes easy to you but like in romantic relationships disappointment and hurt feelings can be a lot for you to handle even though you like close relationships with friends