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Libra ♎️ forecast 2020 September 23-October 23

Diplomatic and urban
Romantic and charming
Easy going and social
Idealistic and peaceable

very open to knew ideas you are good to work with and take the opinions of others seriously. You treat others with respect and consideration and you love attention and give it back as well. Material things are not top priority for you but you do enjoy working with people and doing your best.
You will jump hurdles for the one you love and break ups can feel devastating to you and even though you might not be the problem in a relationship you tend to overthink and blame yourself. That’s when you become indecisive,easily influenced and gullible. Once you meet your soulmate and get treated well and feel loved your completely loyal and at ease. Easy going is your motto you can’t stand stress
Your charming and have a good sense of humor you tend to become the center of attention without asking for it but when someone else becomes the attention getter you do get a little jealous. You enjoy hanging out with friends but being on your own is preferred