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Psychic Christine Podcast

Ep 74 Seeing is Believing

Hi everyone and thank you for coming back, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter on my website so you can have your free sample tarot card reading and get notifications on specials, free gifts, contest and upcoming events. I do have a psychic fair coming uo Aug/24/25 with different psychics and services to choose from and a free buffet with your $10 admission.

So in the Ep we are going over the 3rd eye chakra the one responsible for the things you just know are going to happen with no logical explanation powerful psychics have a very clear 3rd eye charka this is why some people are more psychic than others.

be sure to visit my site and talk to a psychic for answers and advise on all matters of life especially if you are at a crossroad and need to make an important choice.

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