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Psychic Christine Podcast

Ep 78 Who or What Just Sent That ?

It’s so crazy this life huh? just when your about to call it quits something pops up that restores your hope outta nowhere. It’s my belief that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. Some people think that believing in something outside ourselves that we cannot know through the senses just doesn’t exist I find it hard to believe that some have never had a strange spiritual encounter like a dream, a vision, a gut feeling or a psychic experience something we just can’t reason away. Some of us when we do experience this try to normalize it somehow lol how can you do that? In any case this episode is about hope and we all try so hard to keep hope alive right? but hope is also trying to keep us alive as well . As you all know by now I believe in all things and that anything is possible , I believe in fighting the good fight, I believe that we are all here for a reason and that if we meet there’s a reason for that too. I believe that there are many things out there one dimension after another and sometimes we touch in different ways and affect outcomes in more than one existence only are human eyes have limitations on what can be seen ,our human ears cannot hear all there is to be heard because they too have human limitations but just because I cannot see it or hear it don’t mean its not there and many of us do get a whisper or a shadow from the other side.Psychic readers are a lot more connected and in tune with these outside spiritual realms and this is why they can do what they do, see what they see or feel what they feel I have so many things to tell about things I’ve experiences and things that have happened to others that I have witnesses and no there’ no explaining it away. If you like to have a reading done be sure to visit my website phone readings and live chat psychic readings are available ,choose from a list of readers with lots of experience working as a psychic that can help to lead a guide you, support you in your life’s journey or answer any pressing questions you may have . Thank you so much for listening . Namaste.

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