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Ep 79 When Your Soulmate is Not Ready

Yes!, omg this can really happen I’ve seen in a bunch of times and no that’s not the only delay that ever happens it can be a number of things anything from a past life karmic interference to a meddling sabotage individual that your soulmate is blind to so since so many people come to me about this I’m going to be talking about many scenarios on this subject and my best advice to you all things considered but do keep in mind that this podcast is no substitute for an actual live psychic reading if your in need of any help, advice or guidance with a troubled soulmate situation. There’s so much to talk about on this topic so if you know someone that you think this podcast would help go ahead and share it or if you want a psychic reading you know where to go and be sure to subscribe to my newsletter for a free sample tarot card reading and notifications on specials and upcoming events. Don’t forget peeps my psychic fair is coming soon 8/24/25/19 so be there