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Sagittarius : forecast 2020
Optimism and freedom loving
Jovial and good humored
Honest and straightforward
Intelligent and philosophical

You are strong, dominant and sometimes can be manipulative in the work force. You know what is required of you to get what you want so depending on your goals in business that’s what you will get and more. You work steadily time and pressure is your motto. You also like to spend money for yourself and your family and friends.
It is hard for you to open your heart to others because you have found people can be cruel and when it comes to you heart you are almost too carful in the first phases of a relationship and it can be trying to your soulmate or significant other to prove to you they are genuine.
You love to entertain your friends and put on a show some thinking of this as generous but most see superficial and selfish. You get hurt and are highly sensitive but most have never seen this side of you because you work hard to give a strong image. You enjoy company from time to time but do prefer being with ppl you are close to or family