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Taurus 2020 forecast – April 21-May 21


You feel wonderful and you’re looking great. Expect to draw some admiring glances! The only downside to this is that you feel stronger than you are. If you try to get too much done this year you might tire yourself out and feel exhausted . Eat right, get enough rest, and pace yourself. You’ll still accomplish everything you need to do if you do it right.


you are investing yourself more in relationships now more than before, it’s like you wanna just get it all done because you feel you’ve got to catch up for lost time but make sure you are present in everything you do this year and don’t get clouded and set your mind to just reaching goals.


your really wanna put yourself out there, you cut off a lot of ppl in your life who hurt you and stepped out of the social scene for quite awhile but now your ready to change that and that’s ok but make sure your connecting with quality ppl don’t focus on quantity.